Tax Haven

Gibraltar should not wait for the exchange of information treaty with Spain

Let’s be consistent with EU legislation and ask for an immediate removal of Gibraltar from the Spanish list of tax havens (RD 1080/1991). According to Spanish legislation, a jurisdiction will be removed from this list if there is a treaty signed including a clause for the exchange of tax information.

Gibraltar Road Toll and good neighborhood with La Linea

Does La Linea’s mayor care about good neighborhood with Gibraltar?

It is a shame that some Spaniards tackle a XXI Century issue with XIV Century measures. See The Guardian article on the most ridiculous initiative from a local mayor we have seen in decades, the establishment of an international border road toll between Gibraltar and La Linea.

This issue is not an isolated one and unfortunately there are still some Spaniards not recognizing the sovereign rights of Gibraltar as determined by its people and the United Kingdom. The Spanish Socialist government has been advocating for dialogue with Gibraltar and the UK, however talks these days seem to be lost in translation.

Why is the Spanish Government so reticent to conclude a treaty with Gibraltar? why is Gibraltar not removed from the Spanish taxhaven blacklist?