The Life and Work Balance Concept is Outdated

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Although this is not a tax topic, it will influence the way we think and will probably make life less taxing. The authors of Tribal Leadership declare work-life balance as a nonsense concept. According to them if you let it, it will damage your career, hurt your family, make your life mediocre and make you feel guilty all the time.

The article published recently in Money Watch is included below.

In 2000, my Tribal Leadership co-author John King and I devoted a chapter in The Coaching Revolution to why work-life balance was an idea whose time had passed. More than a decade later, with global social and economic problems on the rise, it’s time to leave the “work-life balance” concept on the scrap heap of history and move on to a better model. For those who have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, work-life balance is the idea that work and life are two different spheres, both wanting more time than you have to give.