Spanish Tax Inspections & Investigations

Spanish Tax Inspections & Investigations to foreign property owners are not an exception anymore. Therefore, we have strengthened our tax investigations’ team to deal with the increase in tax disputes over the last few years.

With spanish tax inspections & investigations becoming more common, it is more important than ever to count with a qualified international tax & legal team, expert on tax inspections & investigation. The exchange of tax information with the UK, makes more important than ever to count with an expert team in England and Spain.

In addition to support our clients with their income tax compliance and planning, our team of expert lawyers qualified both in the UK and in Spain can guide our clients, assisting with any tax disputes, inspections or investigations.

Spanish Tax Inspections

It is a fact that spanish tax office (AEAT) Annual Tax and Customs Plan showed that the Spanish tax authorities are now paying close attention to international property owners by conducting an unprecedented number of investigations on the last few years.

Del Canto Chambers also represents our clients and negotiates on their behalf with the tax authorities or through the tax courts, up to Supreme Tribunal.

As the Spanish tax & legal firm in London, Del Canto Chambers can offer advice on local taxes, fees for the private use of public property, and service charges. We stand by the clients´ side during tax inspections, claims and any dispute, and also advice on procedures regarding cadastral values and comparisons of real estate values.

What can Del Canto Chambers offer?

  • Personalised service
  • Access to double qualified English and Spanish lawyers
  • Tax and legal services under the same roof
  • Local insight

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