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Our Spanish property Tax & Legal services are provided by our London-based team. We offer first-rate tax and legal advice to clients interested in purchasing and selling properties in Spain.

Jerez, street, Spain
Street, old town, Jerez de la Frontera. Spain

Our Spanish property Tax & Legal advice is provided by a dual-qualified team in England and in Spain. The team comprises qualified tax lawyers who will support you no matter your requirements – from simple conveyancing matters to identifying the most suitable structures to maximise income protection and maximise tax efficiency – whilst ensuring all Tax & Legal obligations are complied with in Spain.

Jerez de la Frontera is one of the secret wonders of southern Spain. An Andalusian city most famous for its sherry – this is the only place on the planet where the drink can be made – and its beautiful horses. Its gorgeous old town is, with very little doubts, one of the homes of flamenco.”

–The Most Beautiful Towns and Cities to Visit in Southern Spain. The Culture Trip.

Recommendations on Spanish Property purchases

There are certain recommendations to ensure a sound transaction, starting with choosing the right area to acquire the property. It is always a good idea to talk to other international owners in the area.

If your preferences are in rural or remote areas, pay attention to transport, communications, and health & safety issues, notwithstanding the importance of checking the legalities of the rural land and its property.

We strongly recommend having a good look around and comparing prices, visiting estate agents and reading advertisements in local papers to gauge prices in an area. Enlisting the help of a registered real estate agent (API) is a good way of finding the right property for you.

Buying Spanish Property with a Company

There are several tax and legal implications to be considered when buying a Spanish Property through a company. The most suitable advice will depend on several factors, such as:

  • Owning a foreign property through a limited company or other structure, which has been considered basic tax-planning for many years
  • If obligations have not been complied with, might the structure fall within the definition of aggressive tax planning?
  • In 1998, the non-resident income tax law introduced a tax liability on property in Spain owned by non-residents
  • Trusts are not recognised in Spain and this may have adverse tax consequences
  • Spanish companies must disclose their beneficial owner in the corporation tax return
  • Tax professionals should review the structures used to buy property to ensure tax compliance

Over the years, as a way of minimising tax liabilities, it has been common practice to use international corporate structures through which to hold Spanish properties. Unsurprisingly, the average property owned by this method is worth in excess of £1m, with many worth over £5m. International property structures are not cheap to set up and maintain, so the potential savings in terms of tax must be substantial if they are to be financially viable.

Many property owners created structures years ago and have given them little consideration since. However, things have changed, and the Spanish tax authorities are now placing them firmly in the spotlight. A Spanish property owned by an international structure is, in effect, a ticking tax time-bomb if the company was created before 2018 and the tax position has not been assessed recently.

Experts in Spanish Tax & Legal Matters

One of the key advantages of having Del Canto Chambers as your legal adviser is that we are aware of all the spanish tax & legal implications and are constantly up to date with new legislative changes.

Whether y are buying or selling a property, Del Canto Chambers can step in and assist you with all your property needs in Spain. We work with a wide variety of clients investing in commercial and residential properties, including companies and private individuals. We have handled more than 500 cases over the years and are regularly featured in top media publications.

Our team has strong experience and excellent resourcing capacity, enabling us to handle deals quickly and efficiently.

What can Del Canto Chambers offer?

  • Personalised service
  • Access to double qualified English and Spanish lawyers
  • Tax and legal services under the same roof
  • Local insight
  • Independent advice
  • An integrated approach
  • High confidentiality and exclusivity
  • Coordination of family interests and needs
  • Financial and succession planning

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