Spanish Tax & Legal Services

Spanish tax legal services

Spanish Property

As the Spanish firm in London, Del Canto Chambers offers first-rate advice to clients interested in purchasing and selling properties in Spain. Our team will guide you from simple conveyance to looking into the best tax planning and corporate structures available to maximise protection and tax efficiency, whilst ensuring all tax obligations and legislation are complied with in Spain…

Property Holding companies (ETVE and the SOCIMI)

Some of the best and more tax efficient structures for companies looking into investing in property in Spain include the formation of ETVE and SOCIMI…

Power of Attorney

Del Canto Chambers is your point of contact when needing legal advice in Spain. We work with clients all over the UK who have business, property and other interest in both jurisdictions. Our spanish tax & legal services are regulated in England and Spain.

Spanish and English wills

You may need a will that adapts to your current personal and family circumstances in both jurisdictions. Our professionals are regulated to offer anglo spanish Tax & Legal services.

Tax Residency

It’s really important to pay attention to clarify the residence rules, since you may be considered resident in two countries simultaneously, and if that’s the case you may be paying taxes in both countries; after which, double tax treaty rules to eliminate the double taxation on the same taxable concept will be applicable…

Tax Disputes

Del Canto Chambers is the Spanish legal firm in London. We are able to offer our clients the most accurate and up-to-date Spanish tax advice in the UK. We seek to optimise our clients´position, advising them not only on tax planning but also as advocates in tax disputes.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a residence permit for real estate investment that gives its holder the right to live and work in Spain. Since 2013, the Spanish government gives it to citizens of non-European Union countries.

The Beckham rule

The general income tax regime in Spain defines taxable income and gains for Spanish residents on worldwide bases.

Family Office Services

At Del Canto Chambers we offer a specialised team of knowledgeable lawyers able to advise clients in the UK and Spain: we are the Spanish law firm in London.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Del Canto Chambers is the Spanish firm in London and as such, the main point of contact for clients in the UK with business interests in Spain.

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