Qatar Blockade: Interview with Saif Ahmed Al Thani

The blockade enforced five months ago against the State of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt has become the gravest diplomatic crisis in the history in the GCC area.

The current emir, Tamim Al-Thani, came to power in 2013 and is 37 years old, accompanied by a generation of young managers are tackling the situation with political dialogue and mediation.

From Del Canto Chambers, we have been reporting in our blog and social media latest news on the subject. This week an interview from El Pais to SAIF AHMED AL THANI, director of Qatar’s Government Communications Office, illustrates very well the current situation, and how the Qatari government is approaching the subject.

Mr Saif warns that the emirate will not bow to pressure from other Arab states blockading his country, and that “The blockading countries want to outsource our foreign policy”

He continues by saying: “Political dialogue and mediation are the way to solve any differences of opinion, rather than aggression. We believe it’s always the best way, to sit around a table. This is what we have been saying since day one of the crisis, that dialogue is the way to have positive developments for the sake of the people of the GCC, for the sake of stability of the region. And we still believe this is best for everyone”

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