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Building Corporate tax legal services

International Tax & Legal Services

Del Canto Chambers offers international tax & legal services in London. In addition of having dealt with several major cases over the years, we are regularly featured in professional media. We have been instructed by corporations in England, Spain, Latam and Middle East since 1983.

Merger & Acquisitions

Del Canto Chambers offers a wide breadth of knowledge in Mergers & Acquisitions in Spain. We are able to provide a first class service to clients in the UK that are considering Spain for their transactions, through our strong expertise and background.

Joint Ventures and Partnership

Are you thinking about embarking on a partnership or joint venture? Diligent structuring of a joint venture from the very beginning, market expertise and creating an operating agreement that addresses our client’s needs are essential for its success

Agency and Representation

Besides setting up a company, acquiring one or setting up a joint venture or partnerships, you can opt for drafting an agency and representation agreement.

Aldwych  London dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Mediation services

Conflict is normal and inevitable, but at Del Canto Chambers we can help you solve all  the complex issues that may arise.

International Arbitration

Arbitration is a method used to solve a dispute when the parties do not wish to go to court and have agreed to this on a legally binding contract.

Litigation & Advocacy

Sometimes alternative dispute resolution methods do not work and it is required to go to court.

Regents Street London charity law

Charity Law

Del Canto Chambers is able to provide tailored advice to Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities in Spain and the UK, as well as to companies and private individuals interested in cooperating with them.

Mosque Middle East tax legal

Arab Law

Arabic is one of the largest languages in the world. Arab law is practiced in 25 countries around the world. Del Canto Chambers is an expert in Arabe that require an international perspective combined with a thorough knowledge of country-specific tax, legal and regulatory practices. In Del Canto, we solve these tax, legal and business challenges through a combination of local tax and legal capability, global tax and legal project management, and full-service support across borders in a multi-disciplinary manner.

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