Dispute Resolution

Mediation services

Conflict is normal and inevitable, and at Del Canto Chambers we can help you solve any complex disputes that may arise.

Mediation is part of a set of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods that can help you reach an agreement in a contentious matter with the help of a neutral person – the mediator – who won´t take sides.

It is usually a cost-effective method to solve issues that do not require going to court. While it is most commonly used for family matters such as divorce, it can also prove useful for property or money-related issues. The agreement reached in mediation is not legally binding; however, with the help of a solicitor you can submit a consent order to the courts to make it mandatory.

Del Canto Chambers can assist you in choosing the right mediator, while supporting you during the process and helping ensure the agreement is legally binding.

As advocates registered both in the UK and Spain, we can act as counsel for you in court if you have been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement.

International Arbitration

Arbitration is a method used to solve a dispute when the parties do not wish to go to court and have agreed to this in a legally binding contract. Arbitration is an international dispute resolution method that is consensual, neutral, binding and enforceable.

This technique blends elements of civil and common law, allowing parties to be part of the whole process, and can resolve any dispute than is “arbitrable.” This will vary according to each country, but in general it will involve commercial disputes.

This method is regularly used by companies who include an arbitration clause in their commercial contracts, meaning that any dispute that may arise will go to an arbitration court as opposed to a regular judicial court. A clause in the contract will usually determine under which “rule” the arbitration will take place.

International arbitration rules are provided by different international arbitration institutions. The most popular ones are: the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), among others.

Del Canto Chambers has the skills and expertise to support you during the whole arbitration process, offering a personalised service that provides tailored solutions.

Litigation & Advocacy

Sometimes alternative dispute resolution methods do not work, and the case therefore ends up court. At Del Canto Chambers, our professionals will stand by you when a situation gets complicated to help find the best solution.

As dual-qualified UK and Spanish barristers, our expertise, which is second-to-none, provides a straight-forward approach to assist our clients throughout the whole litigation process.

Del Canto Chambers has successfully provided tax and legal advice in over 500 international cases. We offer International tax and legal services to private clients and businesses in the UK, Spain, the Middle East and Latin America.

Del Canto Chambers has an extensive network of partners around the world to support the interests of our clients. As a specialist international tax and legal firm, Del Canto Chambers is part of The Leading Edge Alliance, a network of 215 firms with 586 offices in over 100 countries.