International Tax & Legal Advise

Del Canto Chambers offers Tax & Legal counsel in London. In addition of having dealt with several major cases over the years, we are regularly featured in professional media. We have been instructed by corporations in England, Spain, Latam and Middle East since 1981.

Del Canto Chambers is regularly instructed to provide Tax & Legal Counsel, from corporate transactions to start-up’s. As well as tax, much of our work involves commercial law, intellectual property, real state, and litigation, both in England and Spain. We provide advisory and advocacy services and represent clients in some other countries, directly or in association with other professionals. We have acted in most Middle East, European and Latam jurisdictions, as well as in New York, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Channel Island and India in different capacities.

Building Corporate tax legal services

Corporate Tax & Legal Services

Del Canto Chambers offers Corporate Tax & Legal services on transactions, from start to finish. We provide a first-class service to clients who are considering conducting businesses in the UK, Spain, the Middle East or Latam. Please see our Major Cases for examples.


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Dispute Resolution

Mediation services, International Arbitration, Litigation & Advocacy.
Conflict is normal and inevitable, and at Del Canto Chambers we can help you solve any complex disputes that may arise.


Charity Law

Del Canto Chambers has significant expertise in Charity Law. We offer Tax & Legal counsel to Foundations, Non-Governmental Organisations and Charities in Spain and the UK, as well as to the companies and private individuals involved. We represent foundations, charities and non-profit organisations, including religious entities.


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Arab Law

Arab Law is part of a very diverse and complex international Tax & Legal system practiced currently in 25 countries. The Arab Law system in the Gulf Cooperation Council, includes Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Since 2010, Del Canto Chambers offers Tax & Legal counsel to international companies in the Gulf.



Del Canto Chambers has significant expertise in Charity Law. We offer Tax & Legal counsel to Foundations, Non-Governmental Franchising Tax & Legal services require a sound understanding of the franchise business model and the challenges it presents. We can assist you in establishing and optimising your franchise operations internationally.


Intellectual Property

Regularly instructed by artists and sport people, media and entertainment lawyers, Del Canto Chambers advises on commercial joint ventures, franchise projects and even religious trade mark disputes!