“I love you to heaven” – A story about Alzheimer’s illness, by the author Carme Aràjol Tor

On October 19th, the presentation for the book edited by Editorial Eutopia, of which Del Canto Chambers are partners, in the Calders Library in Barcelona, and counted with the presence of Cristina Maragall the spokeswoman of Fundacio Pasqual Maragall, the recognized neorologist, Dr. Nolast Acarin and Xavier Nova, representative of the editorial.

Originally, the book “I love you to heaven” – a story about the Alzheimer’s disease written by Carme Arajol Tor, was written in catalan under the title “T’estimo fins el cel”, although the author preferred the first edition to be launched in castellano for major diffusion, also with the intention to help more people with family suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Most of the benefits from this book’s first edition will be destined to investigation projects brought out by the Fundacion Pasqual Maragall, relating to Alzheimer’s disease. At the book’s presentation, Cristina Maragall, member and spokeswoman of the foundation, emphasized the will of her father to create the Foundation in order to find a cure for this disease that affects a large part of elderly people.

At the presentation, we counted with the presence of the well known neurologist, Dr. Nolasc Acarin, who has written the prologue for the book and is author of numerous publications, the most recent one being, “Alzheimer, Aging and Dementia”. He made a very practical intervention about the magnitude of this illness in today’s society, and of the costs that come with the disease for the family members and administrations, he highlighted the importance of the investigation in the prevention and cure of such disease, the great labour done by this foundation.

Dr. Acarin mentions in the prologue of the book “Carme Aràjol refers to the concrete and practical aspects that must be borne in mind when caring for a family member with dementia. I am referring to how he knows how to explain the logistics needs, the processing of grants, the selection of the day center and, later, the choice of residence; as well as the aspects related to patrimonial protection, when the relative can be deceived by other people. These are aspects that doctors do not always include in our advice and that are very important, both for the interested party and for the family. In this sense, the book also serves as a guide and how to care for a person with dementia.”

The author, Carme Aràjol, comments: “In this book:” I love you to heaven “, I explain the story of my mother who suffered Alzheimer’s for seventeen years and my experience taking care of her” she continues “For me, it has been a experience of personal transformation in which I have gone through emotional states of all kinds, and when I have finally found a balance I have come to the conclusion that it was a very positive experience and that it helped me to join my mother and to feel genuine love for her, which became a mutual love. ”

It is a very practical and didactic book, recommended to family members of people suffering from this illness. The book can be found currently at Llibreria Calders in Barcelona, Libreria la Luna in Jerez de la Frontera, and online through the website “Editorial Eutopia”. Currently, with the purchase of the book online, we gift you a second book as part of the launch promotion.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)
Managing Partner at Del Canto Chambers

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