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DCC Monthly Summary – October: Qatar blockade and 2022 World Cup

As mentioned in our last monthly summary, Del Canto Chambers facilitated the agreement between Diario AS and E-Management Dar Al Sharq group, and the launching of what will become the largest Spanish sports digital platform in the Arab world. Last month took place the presentation of AS ARABIA “The Arabic Digital Sports Platform” in the Diario AS headquarters. End of this month The CEO of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Hassan Al Thawadi, visited the offices of AS and gave an exclusive interview on preparation for the event.

Answering the question, Do you think that life in Qatar will change at all after the World Cup?, Mr Nasser replied “We are convinced that we will be a different country after 2022. We are using this event to lay the groundwork for four pillars from 2030: firstly, human development; secondly, social development; thirdly renewable energies and finally, economic diversification”, and continued saying that “Technology, for instance, is an example of economic diversification because we are paving the way for a new industry. We are also working in the area of social development in human rights for workers”. Read the full article and interview.

In relation to the blockade to Qatar enforced by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, we have published in our blog an interview with Saif Ahmed Al Thani, director of Qatar’s Government Communications Office, entitled “The blockading countries want to outsource our foreign policy”

In London we continue our collaboration with the London School of Economics and Diario El Pais in The Observatory of the Spanish-speaking World. Recently Julio Prieto, European lawyer of our firm attended the presentation of the book: A Global Analysis of Tax Treaty Disputes written by Eduardo Baistrocchi, author and Associate Professor of Law in the London School of Economics LSE, where he has reviewed with his collaborators around 1,500 cases, and included a ‘Global Taxonomy’ of 116 tax identified patterns of tax treaty disputes. Read the summary of the book presentation.

Also in the UK, Del Canto Chambers is working with the Bar Standard Board Pilot Scheme to promote transparency on fees, services and redress offered by legal providers. Leon Fernando Del Canto, a member of the Public Access Scheme, believe that Barristers should be more transparent and Julio Prieto and Nuria Monjas, a visiting Spanish Lawyer at Del Canto Chambers UK published the following article.

The complexity of resolving the disputes arising from internet publications is evident when certain courts have declined their jurisdiction. In this line, Nuria Monjas, has published an article about the problems of competent jurisdiction due to defamation in digital media. She mentions “There is no a universal regulation to determine the competent court. It is a complicated issue that is usually resolved by applying the general rule that the domicile court of the defendant will be competent”. Read full article.

Back to Spain, the so-called “floor clauses” is a current and unstoppable phenomenon affecting millions of clients in the whole Spanish territory. Something that is not very well known by the clients is, how banks treat their clients who are affected by floor clauses in their mortgages. If you have signed a Private Agreement with the bank, in which, your floor clause is cancelled, but you have to renounce to claim to the bank, bear in mind that these agreements are being declared null by the Spanish Courts and you can still recover your money. Read full Article by Antonio Gabriel Aguilera, Spanish Lawyer, expert in Banking Law and Money Laundering Prevention.

Del Canto Chambers offer you advice on your mortgage property, contact us to check if you have floor clauses in your mortgage contract.

Eva de Francisco, Project Manager at Del Canto Chambers, has written an article on the Past, Present and Future Law for Self-Employed Workers. At Del Canto Chambers, we advise and offer our services to foreigners who decide to become tax residents and carry their businesses from our country, many of them as independent freelancers.

To end this monthly summary, the book “Te quiero hasta el cielo” (“I love you to heaven”) – A story about Alzheimer’s illness written by the author Carme Aràjol Tor was presented in the Llibreria Calders in Barcelona. The book has been published by Editorial Eutopia, of which Del Canto Chambers are partners, and counted with the presence of Cristina Maragall the spokeswoman of Fundacio Pasqual Maragall, the recognized neurologist, Dr. Nolasc Acarin and Xavier Nova, managing partner of Del Canto Chambers.

Month after month we continue to report on the variety of activities our firm is involved. Meanwhile you can follow us daily in our social media channels.

Xavier Nova (@xavinova)
Managing Partner at Del Canto Chambers Spain