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Can expats buy prop...

Can expats buy property in Spain?

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Buying a holiday-let might be more complex than before, but Spain is a very welcoming country for foreign buyers, which limits the possibilities for common home-buying blunders. The rules for buying a property in Spain as an expat are relatively straightforward. Before buying, you’ll require a tax identification number in Spain, which can be obtained by visiting a police station with your passport. This is typically processed on the same day for Spanish or EU citizens, but may take a few weeks for others . Spain also offers a Golden Visa program for foreign property owners. Under the scheme, if you invest more than £500,000 in Spanish properties, you’ll get a residency visa. Golden Visas are primarily for retirees and holiday home buyers but are particularly popular with investors from outside the European Union. In the first half of 2019, Spain approved 848 Golden Visas, with Chinese (272) and Russian (187) investors making up the majority of successful applicants. In total, this meant 4,941 people received a Golden Visa since the scheme’s launch in 2013.

Posted : 06/06/2022 10:34 am

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