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Andrés Báez Moreno

Spanish Lawyer/Abogado

Year of call: Madrid 2013

Prof. Dr. Andrés Báez Moreno is a Spanish Associate Professor of Tax Law at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He is also a Lawyer at Madrid Bar with over 15 years experience. I can not see from this what it is he actually does for DCC at the moment. Is he simply an associate member who does not work for DCC at this point in time or does he undertake work for us, in which case it would be good to say what he does or has done for us?

He regularly acts as an expert witness before the Spanish tax authorities and courts, providing legal opinions on Spanish and international corporate taxation. In recent years he has also specialised in the international taxation of individuals. He holds a PhD in Taxation (2005) and an LLM in Public Law (2002) from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His areas of expertise are domestic Company taxation and international taxation both of companies and individuals, fields in which he has published three books and more tan fifty articles and contributions in periodicals and collective books published in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.


International Tax & Intellectual Property




Year of call: Madrid 2013

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