Andalusia and “The Keys to Memory”

Del Canto Chambers as partner and producer of the documentary “The Keys to Memory” together with Al Jazeera TV channel and Al Sharq Forum Foundation in Geneva by Andalusian Jesus Armesto, which delves into the history of Andalusia and its people.

Andalusian filmmaker, screenwriter, poet, and writer Jesús Armesto (Écija- 1978) will soon release the second documentary of his great work “Essential Triptych of Andalusia”, entitled “The Keys to Memory, in which our Managing Partner, León Fernando del Canto, has served as executive producer.

This “Triptych” aims to delve into the hidden history of Andalusia, imprisoned since the Castilian conquest in 1492. It stands as a denunciation of deliberate neglect of the culture, tradition and language that shape the identity of Andalusia.

These three documentaries are an anthropological and cinematographic exercise aimed at promoting self-knowledge as a necessary means of encounter in our contemporary societies. This is a meeting with oneself and a meeting with the other, with others.  A creation of a common ‘us’ based on new coexistence paradigms between those that are different.

The first documentary entitled “Tale of the two shores“ was released in 2007. It presents the problem of immigration and illegal crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar as a modern update of cultural exchange between Andalusia and North Africa, with the Sea as a nexus and a witness.

The second documentary, “The Keys to Memory” is the film’s study on the value of self-identity and collective memory, as the bridge of peace in a convulsed and extremely alienated society. The film is born from the Andalusian paradigm, as a society unknown to itself, ending with a universal vision in which people and identities on this planet are called to interact and coexist.

Lastly, the third documentary, “Felah Menkub“, still in post-production, is a vindication of flamenco as Andalusi and global art; flamenco as the artistic result of a melting pot of mixed cultures in Andalucia.

Jesus Armesto has performed this work with his production company “Almutafilm”, founded in 2006, which has participated in several national and international film festivals in Europe and the Middle East.

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